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The sound samples on this website are recorded in the flexible, universal and popular MP3 file format. These files are accessed via MP3 playlist files which are themselves of type M3U. This allows (pseudo) streaming of the media so that you get to hear the music without having to wait for the whole file to download.

This method does not force you to use any particular media player. When you click on the sound sample link your computer will launch whatever media player is defined as the default player for the MP3/M3U file types. The sound file should then start to buffer and then play the music after a short delay (depending on your connection speed).

For most Windows users this media player will be "Window Media Player", but it's possible to use another player (e.g. "Real Player") as the default player instead.

It's not of course possible to list all the myriad permutations of Computer Platform, Operating System, Media Player, Version of Player, User Settings etc. So if you're having problems playing the media files then the following checklist may help:

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